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How We Can Work Together

I work with women who are ready for more than conventional medicine and who don’t shy away from “Radical.”

As an experienced Family Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nurse-Midwife, I turn healing inside-out for heart-centered women who are open to a radical journey together.

Starting at the level of your physical body, we focus on getting you feeling better by correcting your hormonal imbalances! This might look like:

  • A consistent boost in vitality.
  • A calmer response to daily challenges.
  • More restful sleep.
  • Less cravings.
  • Less brain fog and hot flashes.
  • Decrease in allergies, body aches, and fatigue.
  • Cleared blemishes and acne.
  • and so much more!

But let me be clear: My practice is rooted in the belief that our physical body only mirrors what is within.

So, my radical approach is not a one-size-fits-all form of medicine. It is a curated journey that we create together based on you, the whole of you.


5 Roots of Radical Healing


Deeply Rooted: A New Way to do Medicine

The hormonal problems you are having are not about your hormones. They are a reflection of what’s underneath.

Still with me?

Let me explain: Imagine your physical body, the one that you can touch. The body that medical scans look at and that labs test. The body that feels hormonally “all over the place.”

Now imagine an onion. Just like the layers of an onion that you unpeel, your body also has layers.

You peel back a layer and discover another layer underneath. These layers – or bodies – are your mental body, emotional body, and spiritual body. At the deepest core is your true self.


The Deeply Rooted Approach takes you there.
To actually get to the Radical Within, we journey to the core.
My goal is to show you how you can heal, grow, and thrive from that core place.

It takes an awful lot of work to get there, but don’t fear. I’m here to guide you.

There are 5 main roots that we must dig out before we can radically heal. Similar to digging in the dirt, you must start at the surface before you can go more deeply.

The Physical Root: Environment + Body

Open-hearted women, imagine this layer to be the top soil. To radically heal, you have to get straight with your body. In other words, it’s your one and only vessel, and it must be rooted in fertile soil. No shaming here. No aim to have some ridiculous fashion cover figure. No diets. Instead, you and I get clear about how you honor your physical body and how that body moves through the world every day.  The landscape in which you live, your home, the food you eat, and the tangible world around you all matter.

The Mental Root: Work + Meaning + Money

Open-hearted women are aware that thoughts are things. What you believe is your truth and the patterns of your thoughts can help or hinder your healing. We look at what you’re depositing into your mind, whether it’s what you read, what you watch, what you listen to – or most importantly, how you work. Does it give you meaning? Does it fit your skill set? Is it the work you’re meant to be doing? Is it allowing for financial security? Our thinking mind is like the captain of our ship, and it must be cross-checked that it is steering us in the right direction.

The Emotional Root: Intimacy with Self & Others

Open-hearted women are feeling creatures. Intimacy lets us thrive. You and I root down into old emotions that must be fully felt before you can feel whole. We gently approach feeling our feelings, particularly those of loss or broken-heartedness that you might have avoided for a long time. When we feel our emotions, we accept and integrate them into our whole being. This is a necessary and often powerful clearing-out process.

The Spiritual Root: Source + Creativity

Open-hearted women find their sustenance from a deep source. This deep source comes in many forms, none of which are your religion. We examine your relationship to Spirit in a fresh way, exploring the influence it has on creativity. This is not about dogma. It’s about living with your own compass in hand.

The Soul Root: One True Self

This is your tap root. At this deep level, our greatest potential is awakened. We are born of this state, and therein lies all of your truth. Layer upon layer accumulates over our lifetime that separate us from this truth. A major part of your healing journey to health is gaining ever-increasing access to this level of your being.

Once all 5 roots are tended to, you then become Deeply Rooted. This is not a mere emotion and doesn’t ‘come and go’. It becomes the very fabric of who you are. It is permanent and has no limits, and it is in fact your birthright. Being deeply rooted activates your innate ability to heal. This is your wellspring: a radical healing source that is already inside you and available right now. You just need to be shown how to access it.

Deeply Rooted Discovery Session

What are the roots of your health and healing?
How deep do they go?

If you’re ready to take the first step in healing your whole self or are simply open to exploring if this approach might be for you, a Discovery Session is where to start. No strings attached.

With that promise, why not?

Here’s How it Works

  • Schedule your Deeply Rooted Discovery Session where we can figure out if imbalanced hormones are the root to how you're feeling.

  • You show up with curiosity and an open heart.

  • I meet you with the brain of a Nurse Practitioner, the heart of a Nurse-Midwife + my very own elixir of experience and intuition. All together, it’s magic!

In the Deeply Rooted Discovery Session, you and I have a 90-minute virtual session to get to know one another. We begin to “root out” the stories that could be contributing to your illness. Be prepared for many questions. We might even share tea during this session! Once I am able to understand you better, we can then decide together if this is the right path for you. If not, it will still be 90 minutes well spent. I guarantee you’ve never had this conversation with your doctor before.

By the end of the call, you will

  • Gain insight into your hormonal health
  • Understand how your health is directly connected to your past, present, and future
  • Begin connecting the dots of your life’s journey
  • Be offered a curated approach of how I best see us working together, if that is the case

Note: This call is required for anyone considering working privately with me on a continuous basis. This requirement helps us both assure we’re a good fit for a continued journey.

Deeply Rooted Concierge Service

We are all busy, and with health as important as it is, it’s nice to have someone looking after your well-being when you don’t have time to.

If you have health challenges that are bigger than your hormones and would like someone to help you navigate the medical system, the Deeply Rooted Concierge Service might be the perfect option for you.

The delightful part of adding the Deeply Rooted Concierge Service into our hormonal work together is that I will already know you extremely well (priceless in the conventional medical model of 15-minute appointments). After 15 years of being immersed in that model, I know how to navigate the medical system (priceless with the often confusing medical maze) and I can take the steps necessary to make living your most rooted life convenient and easy (priceless when you’re juggling all that you are).

Let me make achieving a Deeply Rooted life easier and more convenient.
I can put my experience to work for you.

How it works:

During a Deeply Rooted Discovery Session, you and I identify your health challenges that fall beyond the scope of hormones.

This is a flexible service I offer to fit the needs of individuals. Some of the Radical Roots Concierge offers and services can include my

  • Curating supplements for you and have these ordered and drop-shipped at your door.
  • Booking appointments – Primary Care, Dentist, Speciality, Massages, Facials, etc.
  • Liaising and advocating between your doctors, if necessary, and help translate medical jargon.
  • Sending referrals to specialty care providers.
  • Offering Integrative primary care recommendations.
  • Using specialty labs, such as nutritional evaluations, metabolic pathways, neurotransmitter imbalances, disease testing, etc (you will receive my provider discount on all lab kits, but price is not  included in retainer rate)
  • Researching options in your area for establishing a team of health providers and services available.
  • Making special recommendations on your behalf to my vast network of colleagues, integrative and conventional.
  • Making call-ins for basic prescriptions.
  • Access to my preferred Supplement formulary at discounted prices.
  • Offering priority access via phone, email or text for advice, assistance and second opinions.
  • Offering top-of-the-list priority for responsiveness and scheduling appointments.

Note: With this package, I still cannot function as your sole Primary Care Provider. Because of the limitations of telehealth, you must still have a local provider for your Annual exams and any sick visits requiring a physical exam. Any questions, just ask!

There are 3 options for you to choose from:

Option 1

Option 1

You have a newly emerging health crisis taking place. You need someone to help “figure it out” from the beginning. With only one or two months of this service you might be on the right track. Having someone to help you develop your overall health plan would make you feel more confident about the directions to take. I can be that person.

Month-to-Month contract.
Rate: $900 retainer/month

Option 2

Option 2

You know you have many overlapping health challenges. It is going to be a process to untangle the challenges and patterns. You’ve had a lot of testing, seen a lot of providers, but you still are confused as to what is going on with your health. You need focused attention that can’t be thoroughly taken care of in 1-2 months. Think of this option as adding an extra person to your health team – but that extra person is now the team leader to help you pull it all together.

Minimum 3-month contract.
Rate: $800 retainer/month

Option 3

Option 3

You really love the idea of someone to steer your ship. Someone who knows you deeply, completely straddles the fence between conventional medicine and integrative care, is available to call in the prescriptions you need refills on without you ever sitting in a waiting room again. It makes your life exponentially easier by having that one person who sees the big picture of your health as opposed to the piece-meal version of appointments with providers who never talk to each other.

Minimum 12 month contract.
Rate: $700 retainer/month

Let’s get started.

  • Schedule your Deeply Rooted Discovery Session where we can figure out if imbalanced hormones are the root to how you're feeling.

  • You show up with curiosity and an open heart.

  • I meet you with the brain of a Nurse Practitioner, the heart of a Nurse-Midwife + my very own elixir of experience and intuition. All together, it’s magic!

  • If you are a little skeptical about any kind of hormone therapy, I can definitely relate. For several years now, I have felt sluggish, experienced decreased mental sharpness and fatigue which I just contributed to getting older. Despite the fact that I tried to eat healthy and exercise regularly, I have always struggled with weight issues. Stephanie put together a regime of supplements and hormone therapy specifically designed for me. I expected to see and feel results in 3-4 months and I thought "maybe this isn't working for me" I quit for about a month....big mistake. It didn't take long before the foggy thinking, sluggishness began to creep back in. I called Stephanie and begged forgiveness 😉. It has now been a year since I started this journey, and we have made a few tweaks along the way, but I feel great and love the personalized attention I receive. It is obvious it is her passion to help promote optimal individualized health for her clients.

    Sharon, Age 50
    Sharon, Age 50
  • My experience with Stephanie has been very pleasant and productive-We have discussed at lengths the pros and cons of bioidentical hormones. The discussions were informative and also on a level that I could understand and could relate to my life and also my age. This has made a difference in the way I feel such as my stamina and also just a overall feeling of calmness and serenity which affects all areas of my life. The system she has that allows you to talk directly to her and see her made the entire experience very easy-just as if you were sitting in her office discussing your health issues.

    Margaret, Age 70
    Margaret, Age 70
  • When I first started working with Stephanie, I was exhausted and had several hormone-related issues. Over the past eight months, she has helped balance my hormones, redirect my daily practices to better manage stress, facilitate sleep, and create balance. For me, spiritual meditation (medication?) has been a delightful surprise that I know is providing healing and restoration of my overall health. I have especially appreciated Stephanie’s ability to ask questions, listen, understand underlying issues, and provide treatment to me as a whole person rather than a set of symptoms. This feels like a partnership, and for the first time, a medical professional is working to really understand the complexity of my symptoms and facilitate healing rather than prescribing medication to mask symptoms. She is willing to go outside of the norms of traditional medicine and is both knowledgeable and intuitive about improving health and well-being.

    Kate, Age 46
    Kate, Age 46
  • I am a unique patient in that I was friends with Stephanie long before she tested me for my thyroid, but she was one of the first to recognize the fact that my body felt like it was on a constant hormonal roller coaster. She is unique in that she is willing to sit beside you for your ride to address the symptoms, test for signs and answers, offer suggestions, plans, advice and support in a way that is approachable, confidential and professional. If she wasn’t your friend before, she will be by the time you get your results back and discuss an individualized plan that will help you get back to your healthy self.

    Rudy, Age 28
    Rudy, Age 28
  • When I met Stephanie, I felt extremely fatigued, had chronic aches and was a bit hopeless..Or maybe I was just resigned that this was my life.  Now, I feel much better and have more energy.  I am able to exercise more and have been able to reduce my prescription drugs by supplementing with herbal medicines.  We have ruled out several possible health issues and I have many more resources at my reach to enable me to continue to heal. There are several things I was surprised about when I started this journey:  First of all, telemedicine is very easy and feels personable.  I love the availability I have with Stephanie, and of course her I mostly wide knowledge in my areas of health issues.

    Lucy Anne, Age 54
  • Working with Stephanie for the past year has been such a great experience. Stephanie and I connected at a yoga Nidra class she facilitated last spring and I haven’t looked back. After completing a very comprehensive, thorough and fact-gathering appointment, Stephanie and I discussed what my goals were for my health and she laid out a plan that would help me achieve those goals all the while providing support and resources. I feel that I have finally found a healthcare provider that is partnering with me, supporting me and encouraging me in my journey of health and wellness. My 20 year old daughter is now working with Stephanie and I’m so thankful that she has such a great resource and guide as she transitions into womanhood.  As a healthcare provider Stephanie is knowledgeable, resourceful and on the cutting edge and just as importantly she is authentic, genuine and truly compassionate with her patients. With Stephanie, you’ve got the perfect combination of a provider that will come along beside you for optimal physical, emotional and mental well-being.

    Lee Ann, Age 50
    Lee Ann, Age 50
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