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My Mississippi roots live deeply inside me with my love of all things iced-tea. If tea were water, I’d meet my daily requirement easily by noon (this said to point out the fact that plain ‘ole water is all that counts for your daily WATER needs; sorry, folks).

This romantic summertime ritual began for me as a child. I remember so clearly Mom putting out a glass milk jug of water & tea bags (& mint!) in the morning and bringing it in for the family in the mid-afternoon. In the summertime, when iced-tea is the most refreshing drink possible, this became part of her morning routine – placing the tea in the sun. But what for?

The wisdom of past generations should never be overlooked. I often think “what did my grandmother do?”, which informs me today always a clean, simple options. Let’s be real – our grandparents lives are the basis of the extremely popular Homesteading movement now days. #WhatwouldJesusDo could actually be #Whatwouldmygrandparentsdo

Because I am from the South and my family has consumed literally thousands of gallons of sun tea over the years, I was quite surprised to find out some claim sun tea is harmful. (gasp)


You just place a few tea bags in a big jar of water and let them slowly steep in the hot sun. This saves money from firing up the stove and was how tea was made when the cost of turning on the stove actually mattered. And technically, yes, this method is not strictly safe. Let me explain: In the sun, the water reaches 130°F or so, which is an ideal temperature for harboring (and growing) the bacteria commonly found in tap water. Without a boiling session to kill off this bacteria, there is the chance that they will grow in the sun tea. To get around this possible dubious claim: the caffeine in black tea does inhibit bacterial growth somewhat. (Herbal tea should never be used to make sun tea.) This means just use caffeinated tea bags.

Ultimately, will brewing sun tea definitely make you sick? No. In fact, it probably won’t, but the risk is there – in the strictest sense. You do what makes sense for you.

But, none of this factors in the benefits of actually placing the water in the sun.

Have you ever thought of this?

This is where I totally geek out:

Water was designed to carry the Sun’s sub-atomic nutrients (sound and color vibrations) to all living things. It was also meant to carry the cosmic energy of the moon, stars, and planets. This is referred to as The Music of the Spheres. This is not audible music, but rather the Universe’s perfectly designed mathematical equation. Simply placing water in the Sun will imprint the water with the wisdom of the Universe? Can you believe it could be that easy? Is it truly possible to harness the wisdom of the sun – the force that controls the tides and makes the entire earth grow from her energy – into a pitcher of water? Yes, believe it.

And if that is too woowoo, in my opinion, the tea actually tastes different – actually softer. Give it a try.

To up the stakes even more, I have also read over the years that placing the glass pitcher actually on the Earth (As opposed to the wooden fence in the picture) helps to balance out the strong vibrations of the sun by the more gentle vibrations of the Earth.

I say Just Make Sun Tea! (I should make a bumper sticker and start a Revolution!)

I use a Berkey water filter for all of my water, which gives me extraordinarily clean water (this is a whole other blog post), and plain ‘ole Lipton tea. Yes, there is much ‘cleaner’ tea out there, but being Radical with your health does not mean being a fanatic, it means making calculated decisions that give you the most benefits.

Just Make Sun Tea!


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