Skin Care: it matters a lot

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With age comes wrinkles! Or does it have to be that way?

#What if: Aging gracefully actually meant your skin first and foremost?

Aging well was my own personal agenda years ago when I did an overhaul to my skin care routine. You see, I grew up using Clearasil, Proactiv, Salicylic Acid and anything else I could find to try and force my skin to ‘act right’. I even resorted to those gross sticker strips that you pulled blackheads off your nose with and the dots that you put on pimples that looked like the round Band-Aids … remember those? Why oh why do we do this to ourselves?

Skin Care has been on my radar for as long as I remember. I was the kid that went on not one but two rounds of Accutane in college. Oh, the horror to think of the pharmaceutical crap that I poured in my body for so long trying to control my acne.

After acne, then it came the wrinkles and after wrinkles the texture…and on the story goes.

Always my skin-primarily my face-has been something I have fussed over. Hello, you too?

I don’t know about you, but I’m so over it.

Welcome to my Today.

Today is a totally different story. After wasting too much money at Walgreen’s and being poisoned with all the lotions and potions I was applying to my skin, I gave it all up and went looking for another answer. There absolutely had to be another way. What do women elsewhere do for their skin?, I asked myself.

Because I love to travel, it made sense that I would be interested in otherness (As I always am). What I have discoverd after years of exploring the skin care cultures around the world is exactly what I’m bringing to you through my Beyond Skin Deep line. (insert cheers from the crowd)

Above all, I went searching for something that worked – really well – not a little bit, but consisently kept my skin in awesome condition. But, wait – I was super anal that the quality and the ingredients had to be top notch, and finally, that I could actually afford it.

Before going any further – first, a quick ..

//Body Lesson\\ :

The skin is your largest organ. Yep – that’s right. Your skin is an organ. Just like your liver or your heart. Cool, huh? This organ often gets overlooked – or certainly, taken advantage of. Maybe it’s because we see it every day?

Because this organ has little tiny pores all over it, whatever is rubbed over those pores actually soaks in. Cool, and also kind of gross.

This might be new to some – What you put on top of your skin, ends up actually inside your body because after it soaks in, it lands in your blood stream to then be sent all over your body. To your body who knows no better, these little floaters are very similar in the way your hormones look (structurally).

Yep, you got it. This makes your body think: Cool, I’ve got alot of hormones! Not cool at all because now they are falsely elevated.

Skin Care products matter.

(Full disclaimer – it did break my heart to have to break up with the pink Jergens lotion that I had used every day for years. god, I loved that stuff). I learned that the further you can stay away from anything that is not natural, the better off your insides will be.

You see, the truth is that you don’t need anything that isn’t natural – when you know what natural products to use. And by using natural products, it is an easy first step to healing your hormones.

No toxic chemicals – No hormone mimickers.

Beyond Skin Deep is where I house all of the skin care treasures I discover across the world. My goal is to not let only what we have here in the US be the extent of your options. If you pop over to the shop, you’ll see oils. These 3 oils are from Morocco and Colombia. When I tell you these oils are amazing – they are Amaaaazing!

And what’s the best: these oils aren’t oily!*

Not only for obvious wrinkles, but for the fine lines (hello, eyes), acne and splotchy, uneven skin that plagued me for so many years because of acne scars, oils have been my go- to.

I use them in the morning instead of moisturizer and at night instead of night cream. My routine alternates depending on ….. alot. But, my mainstay is just that: oil in the morning; oil at night. I’ll never go back to using anything else. I add things from here depending on the season, or condition of my skin, but oils are always my framework. And I know that

Is my skin perfect? (What is perfect, anyway?) Most days, yes, I’m very happy with it. Do I still get the occasional zit? Yes, of course I do. My hormones are still alive and well, so I fall prey to period acne just like you do. But the rest of the time …… well, let’s just say, I often get told – no way are you almost 40!

Check out the site and give one a try!

I guarantee you, your hormones + your skin will both thank you.

*  There was a point in my life where I would have bet my life savings that putting oil on my skin would make my oily skin even oilier. Wrong. But, please – don’t just take my word for it. Be your own scientist and try it for yourself.

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