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Short Description:

If you take the nut from the “Cacay” tree, found throughout the Amazon basin in Colombia, and press the oil directly from it, you get beautiful, golden Cacay oil.  Local knowledge of indigenous communities has valued this oil since ancient times for both skin and hair care.

An amazing, versatile oil, it contains 50% more vitamin E and twice the amount of linoleic Acid than Argan Oil and has 3 times more retinol than Rose Hip Oil. It contains around 75% Linoleic Acid, or Vitamin F, which is the ultimate vitamin for dehydrated and dry skins. These high amounts help to deeply, soften and repair the skin beyond what any cream could ever do.

Clinical studies have proven the oil combats visible signs of aging. After only 4 weeks of use, 95% of patients showed a reduction in wrinkle volume of up to 45%! It also restores skin luminosity, provides lasting hydration, improves elasticity and firmness.

Learn more about this Super Nut: here and here

Full Description:

I discovered this oil on a trip to Colombia to salsa dance! I am impressed by the endless uses – which is often the case when the wisdom of Mother Nature is compressed into a nut. The luminosity of my skin is commented on often, and it has helped to even out the skin texture. I’ve also used it as cuticle oil and after a shower as a hair conditioner (in light amounts that I simply finger through my hair). I think it would be an excellent belly oil for pregnant women to avoid stretch marks. I find that the absorption is slightly slower than Argan oil, making it a nice consideration as a nighttime oil. It has a very mild scent, which makes it easy to use before bed. That being said, I easily wear it under makeup without any problem.

The company’s mission is to harvest 100% sustainably and bolster this new economy for indigenous people in the area. After working in development for many years, Social Impact is very important to me when I source products. When you buy this oil, it directly helps to generate income for peasant and indigenous families within conflict zones, giving them an economy other than the cocaine trade, that unfortunately is common in Colombia. It also helps to reforest 12,000 acres with “Cacay” in Colombia’s Amazon region. Both of these reasons are enough to make you feel good about using this oil. It is directly from Colombia to you, so the impact is immediate.

The biggest factor for me is local knowledge – indigenous communities have been using this oil for a long time, and it’s now on the open market which is awesome for me and you.


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