I know you work hard. You fulfill obligations. You’re a good friend. You eat right (mostly). You exercise right (mostly). You love right (mostly).

And you’re trying to balance it all – including, if not especially, your hormones.

What’s up with your body anyway? Are these energy shifts, weight fluctuations, mood roller-coasters, and exhaustion just what you have to accept as the price for living past 25 in the 21st century?

Not really.

Listen: You don’t have to accept the “conventional wisdom” about medicine.

You don’t have to accept feeling bad and never believe anyone who says you’re just getting old!

Your body is a beautifully complex vessel that holds a lifetime of stories within. These stories are often the cause of how your body feels today.

I know this point of view is Radical. And it is something you’ve likely never heard from your provider.

But it’s true.

I’m here to show you how when you turn within and heal from the inside out, your body and your hormones naturally fall back in order.

You can restore your energy and reclaim your vital body on a radical holistic healing journey – One that will leave you healed and whole.

Let’s take that journey together,


is the name of my boutique telehealth practice and a mounting movement of heart-centered women who are ready to get radical about healing their whole selves from the inside-out. I focus on women’s hormones using bio-identicals, but I use them as a springboard to heal your whole self. I bring to your holistic healing journey curated advise, tools, and remedies.

With over 15 years of experience in Medicine, my approach is unique and one that I’ve never seen before practiced in Medicine. It is my honor to offer this to women who have struggled to find help and are seeking someone with different answers. My Deeply Rooted Method approaches your health in an entirely new way – one that taps down through the whole of you.

It is deep and vulnerable, but a completely safe and supported exploration of all that you hold within. Yes, we will balance your hormones, moderate your weight, boost your sex drive, and help you get to sleep – but we’ll do so by rooting down through your physical body into your beautiful heart, mind, and soul.

You must be ready, and this approach is not for everyone. All I ask is for a willing spirit and a sense of curiosity about ‘What If’ deep healing is possible.

My Mother’s Cancer

It is often said that cancer changes a person. It sculpts them into someone who understands more deeply, loves more openly, cries more freely and appreciates more quickly.

My Mother had stage-4 breast cancer for 5 glorious years. And through the process of cancer sculpting her, it also sculpted me – as a person and as a provider … and, as a result, my practice of medicine – forever.

Her death in November 2016 came as a devastation to our goal of radical remission, but it would be short-sighted to view her death as a failure. Nothing in my life has taught me more about the human experience and had such a monumental force in shaping me as a medical provider than walking that cancer journey with her.

The intimate parts of that journey are too sensitive for me to share publicly, but today these are my truths and are the fertile soil that The Radical Within is rooted in:

One: I learned to trust my medical intuition. I perceive and sense the world from an energetic and intuitive lens that comes naturally for me. Energetic modalities fall in line with how I practice, with Reiki being one of those tools. It was affirming to me that in a Reiki session I energetically located my mother’s cancer 6 months before her diagnosis, and then again, days before she was diagnosed with stage-4 breast cancer.

Two: I learned to trust integrative approaches. With Mom’s cancer, we chose a fully integrative approach. Refusing traditional chemotherapy and radiation, her treatment regimen was crafted based on the evidence of more natural approaches – all of which supported the body to do what the body is meant to do, heal. The results were astounding.

Three: I learned to go beyond the physical symptoms, to dig into the root causes of dis-ease and illness. Once the tumors had stabilized, the biggest parts of her healing came from going to the deepest places within herself to heal. Witnessing her transformation, it became clear that the body is merely a shell and communicates what is happening on the inside.

These truths became my foundation and began to transform my practice of medicine. I started to challenge myself with the question that had burned inside for so long:

How can we treat health
in a radically different way
that gets to the roots of well-being?

That’s the journey I’ve been on for the past several years, and it’s the journey I invite you to take with me today.

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