My Free 10-Day Meditation course is for you to explore what meditation means to you. If you have finished that, and are here wanting to root deeper into a daily practice, this is the perfect place for you to find one of the tools you will need: Community!

As you may already understand, meditation is not about not thinking. It’s not about bowing to a guru. It’s not about being all peace and love and “No one can rock my boat.” Meditation, simply put, can be a practice interwoven into your day’s tapestry. Meditation can be a non-threatening foundation for your healing journey as you establish a daily practice. I would love to show you how.

Why Meditation?

Meditation gives you direct access to the gateway of your healing journey – increased awareness, which is precisely your “within.” With practice, you become more aware of what is inside of you. There’s a lot going on inside that you’re not even aware of!

You don’t need another doctor or healer or guru to benefit from what I believe to be one of the greatest healing tools available. Meditation simply lets us access our deepest knowing and truest truths, found only when our mind is calm and still.

You think I’m kidding? It works.

But the most beautiful results of a meditation practice are this: As you tap an inner knowing deep inside you at the root level and discover you already have all you will ever need, you gain the greatest treasure of all.

What I Bring to You

My teachings are perfect for people new to meditation. With so many flavors of meditation available, it is essential that you learn how a particular style of meditation can best benefit you – and that comes from correct instruction in the very beginning of learning.

I offer Shamatha Meditation. Shamatha in Sanskrit means “peacefully abiding,” the state of the mind as it naturally is. This is a practice based in observing the breath with awareness. My teacher is Susan Piver, and her teacher was Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. If it matters to you, this lineage can be traced back to the Buddha himself. What I teach is not Buddhism, though, nor is it a religion. It is simply a practice in cultivating attention and awareness.

I offer direct, down-to-earth instruction and facilitate open discussion. Although you don’t have to be my patient to receive meditation instruction, it is a perfect complement to our work together. Some patients have described these teachings as receiving Spiritual Medication. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

All in all, I want to teach you how to heal yourself through your own knowing.

Having a community you can engage with is imperative as you establish your own practice. Just the same as having a walking buddy ensures that you walk more, having a place to come to each week ensures that you actually meditate.

How will it work?

We will meet online once a week for 30 minutes on a Friday morning and meditate together in a group.

Everything is offered virtually, so you can access our group anywhere on your phone or your computer as long as your connection is stable.

These sessions will only be live, so you must be present to receive instruction. If you miss a session, you can jump back in the following Friday.

You will receive 10 minutes of direct instruction, followed by a 15-minute meditation together. The last 5 minutes will be for questions.

Simple. Easy. Accessible.

Consider this opportunity as having your own meditation instruction + the accountability needed as you develop a meditation practice and habit.

$20 a month – You can cancel anytime.

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