I’m About To Have A Baby

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Birth is not just about when the baby arrives. Birth is not a singular moment in time, which is often how it is grossly misrepresented. “How was the birth?” is too often answered by recalling just the end of the labor process, similar to only reading the last chapter of a book.

Any mother will tell you that birth is a process. From early labor into active labor to finally pushing, the process of birth can take several days for some. And each step along the way is necessary for the next to occur, almost an unfolding rather than a journey. To say it is exhausting is an understatement. To say it is only about the baby is completely untrue.

Birth is about the woman birthing a part of her into this world. Literally.

Part of me is a Nurse-Midwife. That part of me has delivered a total of 99 babies – from mud huts in Africa with no light and dirt floors to birth centers and fancy hospitals with every gadget possible. I love birth. It is gritty and raw, wet and real; the utmost divine experience that transforms a woman from “just” a female into a feminine goddess. It is unbelievable!

It humbles me to be witness to a woman who turns inward for her own grit and strength, and then transitions so easily to a soft, warm receptive mother once the baby is placed on her chest. This is what we women are capable of. To be both: dark and light, tough as nails and soft as butter – at the same time. It is beyond beautiful. And necessary for all of our “becoming”.

As ‘The Radical Within’ is about to be birthed, I can’t help but see the parallels from birthing a child to birthing a business. Behind the scenes for months, this business has been growing. It has been incubating in a creative, inspired, excited soup of dreams and visions for what could be. What am I capable of actually birthing into this world? I wanted something that was new and unique and completely individual to me – just like every newborn is to their mother. Babies, along with The Radical Within, are full of potential and possibility, and there is endless excitement and awe that they’re actually here!

It has also not gone unnoticed that all this is happening, particularly the launch, so near Mother’s Day this year. This is the first year that my Mother will not be here to celebrate. The irony is likely of no importance to anyone but me. Transitioning from my child-like role of daughter- to-my-mother into my new role of what I will mother of my own has taken really deep work to get to this place. I am beyond excited to “birth” this new business in the world. I am ready. Just like a new baby, it will grow into having its own personality, much of which will naturally unfold as opposed to me create. I can’t wait to see what it becomes!

I desire to actively mother this new business. I desire to give it space so that it can be what it is meant to be. I can’t wait to meet its friends and learn to enjoy all the ups and downs that child-rearing brings. Ultimately, I am so happy that I can offer women, like you, another option – another way. I mean it when I say: I don’t want you to just feel better; I want you to be better. And to do that, I know that it takes radical steps to heal inside and out.

I thank you for being witness to my business’s birth and joining me in all the excitement that it’s finally here! I desire for you to be a part of this, too. Get involved – Let me know what it is you need – How can this grow into serving us both towards a radically healthy life?

Have you ever thought about what you too can birth into the world?

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