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I saw a patient yesterday with chronic GI issues.

100+ hospital stays in 7 years; every GI diagnosis known to man.

And, he was only 31 years old – and desperate. He was desperate to have his health back.

Our conversation took the form of a spiritual awakening/motivational/food coaching one that left him in tears.

…Which left me in tears because he was in tears, and well … it’s really wonderful to connect with people so authentically and be able to make such an impact.

The synopsis of our chat:

You are responsible for you. No hospital or medical provider or drug or ER can hand you health – that must come from you alone; ironically, this is the antithesis of Western medicine. Without your health, you have nothing. Food IS your medicine. Having poor health is your opportunity to engage in the conversation around what real health means – not a reason to play victim.

It is my experience that no one is going to put it to you like this. But, I will. #truthtonics

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