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I’ve been home a week and I can put a big fat tick next to “Complete a Vipassana retreat” on my personal To-Do list. It has been a long time coming, having heard about the craziness that is Vipassana for years. It was something that I not only wanted to do, but knew I needed to do. Deep inside, now was the time; I just knew it. It was that knowing that had me pursue a spot in a course for the last year. I was determined.
I timed my last month of a Whole30 to clean out my insides in preparation, completing the last few days of the Whole30 there at the center (which proved very difficult given their grain filled, vegetarian diet). I recognize the connection between mind and matter (Body) is strong, so it made sense to me to pair the two (this is not a necessary step). I must have a clean body to have a clean mind.
I’ll just say this: I now feel like my insides – all of it – have been Windexed to the max! at least for now…nothing is forever.
So, what is Vipassana?
Vipassana is a style of meditation. It is a particular technique that in it’s simplicity means sitting for an hour at a time without any physical movements, becoming aware of and simply observing the impermanent nature of sensations in your body. Sound difficult? It was.
There are retreat centers all over the world offering their signature course of 10 days. 10 days of observing noble silence (24 hrs a day), 11 hours a day of meditation, abstaining from killing, sexual acts, intoxicants …. , eating only fruit and tea at dinner, all in the pursuit of wisdom – your own wisdom, that is.

It is not religious. There is no guru. No dogma. No belief sets.

It literally is just that – silence, stillness and breath. Nothing more, nothing less.

It is (insert positive adjective here), truly!

As you might know, I have a daily meditation practice that kicks off my every morning. Yet, Vipassana was a whole new thing for me. It is not the style of meditation I practice, nor had I ever known much about it. It wasn’t the silence for me, it was the 11 hours a day of meditation that sounded dreadful. I was (naturally) intimidated, parts of me dreading the journey I was about to go on. Weirdly, I was also filled with an inordinate amount of readiness to be pushed to my own edge, whatever that meant for me.

This chapter in my life is filled with huge spikes of growth, and this fit right in line.

I’m wise enough to know that our proverbial edges are where all the good stuff takes place: the juicy, real, healing, cathartic, magical, wild, extraordinary, fabulous, deep, wild, wacky, evolving, substantial growth that is “knowing thy self”. We have to go there if we want wisdom, freedom and real happiness.

And it was just that.

Not that I could understand what was occurring at every moment, and definitely I struggled during many of 110 hours that we sat in meditation, but it all clicked into place, for me on Day 7, and I suddenly got it.

Wisdom comes from direct experience and Vipassana is a tool to directly experience yourself in this very moment, right now, real time. Meditation is a way, for me, the way, to go within to where all of me is housed. There in lies everything I need, and this is the case for you too.

I’d love to have you join me for a FREE 10 day Meditation course that starts with only 1 click:

If you’ve never tried, what’s 10 days? I know of absolutely nothing negative that comes from meditating, and with that promise – why not take me up on my offer. Join me and many more as you experience meditation for yourself.

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