gives women hormonally safe options for beautiful skin.

Nature + Skin Care.
No harm. No hormonal effects.
Only radiant skin, as Mother Nature intended.

What Is It?

A Hormonally Safe, Curated Global Skin Care Line

BEYOND LANGUAGES SKINCARE: A radically new line of products developed from all over the world. Focused on natural solutions for aging skin, specifically with hormone protection in mind.

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The Beyond Languages Story

My penchant for exploration + a healthy dose of fierce wanderlust has taken me all over the world as a traveler and a medical provider. Always with a deep need to understand, I studied as a Medical Anthropologist and began to experience the health of others through the lens of their culture.

On my first trip to Morocco, I learned about the Ghassoul Clay Masks used there by women in the hammams – completely natural clay infused with local herbs. I bought my first bag from the souks and began making my own masks at home. They worked better than anything I’d ever tried, and in that moment.

I took back my own skin care and became my own Medicine Hunteress. No longer was I confined to what was on the shelves back home, I began searching the world for answers.

With wrinkles, fine lines, and aging skin now entering the picture, it has become a priority for me to source exceptional products that work for me on every level. Yes, I want beautiful, luminescent skin, but I also want happy hormones.

Many women don’t understand the damage caused on the inside by what they put on the outside.

Once products soak into our skin and go inside our body, these molecules float around to mimic our natural hormones. This causes the body to get confused as to what is natural and what is foreign.

Therefore, all products – but especially unnatural products – have a big impact on hormonal health. This is largely a woman’s concern vs a man’s, because – let’s be real – do the men in your life use near as much product as you do?

My BEYOND LANGUAGES line was created from my own need to learn new languages phonetically. SHOOKRAN is the first label and is the phonetic pronunciation of ‘Thank You’ in Arabic, the main language in Morocco, the country I sourced my first two oils.  

Language is either a connector … or a divider. Use these oils and develop language skills at the same time! 

  • If you are a little skeptical about any kind of hormone therapy, I can definitely relate. For several years now, I have felt sluggish, experienced decreased mental sharpness and fatigue which I just contributed to getting older. Despite the fact that I tried to eat healthy and exercise regularly, I have always struggled with weight issues. Stephanie put together a regime of supplements and hormone therapy specifically designed for me. I expected to see and feel results in 3-4 months and I thought "maybe this isn't working for me" I quit for about a month....big mistake. It didn't take long before the foggy thinking, sluggishness began to creep back in. I called Stephanie and begged forgiveness 😉. It has now been a year since I started this journey, and we have made a few tweaks along the way, but I feel great and love the personalized attention I receive. It is obvious it is her passion to help promote optimal individualized health for her clients.

    Sharon, Age 50
    Sharon, Age 50
  • My experience with Stephanie has been very pleasant and productive-We have discussed at lengths the pros and cons of bioidentical hormones. The discussions were informative and also on a level that I could understand and could relate to my life and also my age. This has made a difference in the way I feel such as my stamina and also just a overall feeling of calmness and serenity which affects all areas of my life. The system she has that allows you to talk directly to her and see her made the entire experience very easy-just as if you were sitting in her office discussing your health issues.

    Margaret, Age 70
    Margaret, Age 70
  • When I first started working with Stephanie, I was exhausted and had several hormone-related issues. Over the past eight months, she has helped balance my hormones, redirect my daily practices to better manage stress, facilitate sleep, and create balance. For me, spiritual meditation (medication?) has been a delightful surprise that I know is providing healing and restoration of my overall health. I have especially appreciated Stephanie’s ability to ask questions, listen, understand underlying issues, and provide treatment to me as a whole person rather than a set of symptoms. This feels like a partnership, and for the first time, a medical professional is working to really understand the complexity of my symptoms and facilitate healing rather than prescribing medication to mask symptoms. She is willing to go outside of the norms of traditional medicine and is both knowledgeable and intuitive about improving health and well-being.

    Kate, Age 46
    Kate, Age 46
  • I am a unique patient in that I was friends with Stephanie long before she tested me for my thyroid, but she was one of the first to recognize the fact that my body felt like it was on a constant hormonal roller coaster. She is unique in that she is willing to sit beside you for your ride to address the symptoms, test for signs and answers, offer suggestions, plans, advice and support in a way that is approachable, confidential and professional. If she wasn’t your friend before, she will be by the time you get your results back and discuss an individualized plan that will help you get back to your healthy self.

    Rudy, Age 28
    Rudy, Age 28
  • When I met Stephanie, I felt extremely fatigued, had chronic aches and was a bit hopeless..Or maybe I was just resigned that this was my life.  Now, I feel much better and have more energy.  I am able to exercise more and have been able to reduce my prescription drugs by supplementing with herbal medicines.  We have ruled out several possible health issues and I have many more resources at my reach to enable me to continue to heal. There are several things I was surprised about when I started this journey:  First of all, telemedicine is very easy and feels personable.  I love the availability I have with Stephanie, and of course her I mostly wide knowledge in my areas of health issues.

    Lucy Anne, Age 54
  • Working with Stephanie for the past year has been such a great experience. Stephanie and I connected at a yoga Nidra class she facilitated last spring and I haven’t looked back. After completing a very comprehensive, thorough and fact-gathering appointment, Stephanie and I discussed what my goals were for my health and she laid out a plan that would help me achieve those goals all the while providing support and resources. I feel that I have finally found a healthcare provider that is partnering with me, supporting me and encouraging me in my journey of health and wellness. My 20 year old daughter is now working with Stephanie and I’m so thankful that she has such a great resource and guide as she transitions into womanhood.  As a healthcare provider Stephanie is knowledgeable, resourceful and on the cutting edge and just as importantly she is authentic, genuine and truly compassionate with her patients. With Stephanie, you’ve got the perfect combination of a provider that will come along beside you for optimal physical, emotional and mental well-being.

    Lee Ann, Age 50
    Lee Ann, Age 50
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