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Balance is perfection. Order. Equilibrium. Straight edges and clear cuts. A regimented diet that keeps you at the perfect weight. A routine without flexibility.

At one time, I too believed in Balance. I believed the medical dogma that says with enough sleep, exercise and effort the body will naturally balance and then heal.

But, you know what? Balance is bullshit.

Balance doesn’t heal because It doesn’t work.


For years you’ve felt like your body is not your own anymore. Your weight is constantly a struggle. Fatigue is part of your every day. Your sleep is terrible. Your sex drive is gone. You wake up and reach for coffee, hardly ever having a morning without it. As time goes on, everything just seems to get worse. Has anyone ever told you it is because of your hormones?

Is this really what it means to be a woman?

And to make matters worse, no matter how many providers you see, you’ve been told over and over your labs are fine and you’re just getting older. You leave with the same old story of more exercise, a balanced diet and a prescription for your sleep.

You and I both know none of that works.

You see, I was once one of those providers who said those things. Women like yourself would come in and I could never offer them much. It took me years to figure out what the problem was. And let me be clear – the problem is not you, it’s medicine as you know it.

As a nurse practitioner and holistic healer, I now see medicine differently.

Let me explain: the lens of conventional medicine sees you as a body – a deteriorating body at that. It focuses on the pieces of you, rather than the sum of you. The approach is: if you can’t find it, it must not be there. And of all the testing out there, they might look at you, but none see you.

The truth is – looking at just the physical body is never enough.

I believe that When your hormones are off kilter, it’s because your heart, your spirit, and your LIFE are off kilter.

  • What if I told you medicine as you know it has it all wrong?
  • What if I told you that your path to feeling yourself again has little to do with pellets or creams and everything to do with a unique tonic mix of all the elements that make you you?

It took me years of wrestling with my own hormones and finally walking down the cancer road with my mother to realize that the approach I had in conventional medicine was all wrong.

What I now know as my burning truth is when you turn to what’s within, the result is transformation. The result is Radical Healing.

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